What if instead of whatever dogmas we grew up with or get off on, we tried reality tests?

What if, instead of drinking the political kool-aid, we reviewed hard evidence;  instead of trusting medical “gold standards,” we noticed what works; instead of demanding morality and principles, we embraced evidence-based standards;  instead of ranting on “sin” and “virtue,” we rated behavior by its fruits; instead of clinging to religious doctrines, we demanded that our Faiths be first of all kind?  And so on.

Most of all, what if we always questioned the “done thing,” the “right thing,” and especially whatever’s “cool” at the moment?

Then toxic swagger, now seen as “strength,” would be revealed as simple boorishness. Pop icons worshipped for their rants would be revealed as jerks. The right-wing’s “Killer Jesus” would be seen as a hijack of the real one. And so on for every Faith that’s been taken over by religious fascists. Here you will see content that aims to test what we take for “reality,” and reviews of what’s out there, trying to do the same.

Let’s get on the reality bus together and make stuff work.